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Quartz vs. Granite: Which is Best?

Quartz vs. Granite: Which is Best?

Many homeowners looking to update their kitchen countertops are being sucked into the great quartz vs. granite countertop debate. There are strong opinions about each option and neither side is willing to budge. As a homeowner, it can be a bit overwhelming to sift through the plethora of online articles regarding each material and whether or not it is worth the investment in your home.

We are going to focus on five points to consider when comparing quartz and granite countertops. These five points will give a comprehensive pros and cons list for each material to help you, the homeowner, decide which will best work in your home.


Granite is a natural stone that comes in slabs. Though there is a large variety of colors and variations to choose from, no two slabs will ever be the same. Also, for the picky homeowner, finding the just right slab may take some time. Quartz is manufactured and can be customized to the homeowner’s specific tastes and style. This allows for more options and color combinations to choose from when it comes to quartz. This also can mean a quicker install, since the countertops are being made rather than quarried like granite.


Both granite and quartz are about the same in price range falling between $1500-5000 for an average home. Both materials will need to be installed by professionals. Quartz is actually heavier than granite and considerations will need to be made to insure a safe installation, with minimal stress on the cabinets themselves to prevent cracking.


Due to granite naturally forming in the Earth’s surface, there is a small amount of radon in granite. However, scientific research has claimed that the amount of radioactive radon is so minimal in granite that it is perfectly safe to use in building materials. Granite does have to be quarried and shipped. This does use a lot of energy. Quartz is a more environmentally friendly option, since it can be manufactured using regional stone closer to home.


Quartz is made with resin and polymer leaving a non-porous surface, unlike granite. Quartz only has to be cleaned with mild household cleaners, while granite does need to be resealed once a year or so to protect the longevity of the stone.


Granite is formed as a result of volcanic heat and therefore, can withstand hot pans with ease. However, due to its porous nature some liquids can stain the surface if left. Granite can suffer from high impact blows so be careful to not drop heavy items on the counters. Quartz is virtually indestructible and is not prone to staining since its surface in non-porous. However, it cannot withstand heat like granite, so use caution when setting hot pans on the surface.

So there you have it. The good and bad of granite vs. quartz countertops. In reality,  most homeowners find that it becomes a personal preference and tend to lean towards one or two points on this list as their deciding factors for one countertop over the other. The one thing guaranteed with either surface is that the space will have a high-end feel, thus creating a stunning impact in your kitchen.

For more information on granite and quartz countertops in Kansas City check out our website at RockTopsKC.com, or come into our showroom and get inspired. RockTops creates beautiful kitchen designs throughout Johnson County and the Kansas City metropolitan area. We are your premiere Kansas City resource for granite and quartz! Contact us at 913-782-0802 or email at info@rocktopskc.com


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