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Kitchen Trends: No Upper Cabinets

Kitchen Trends: No Upper Cabinets

Kitchens without Upper Cabinets: Form vs. Function

The hottest kitchen trend hitting 2018 has been doing away with upper cabinets. But is it functional? Well, not having upper kitchen cabinets is not for everyone, but we can see why some homeowners are opting for the sleek, aesthetically calming look of wide open wall space like in this kitchen from Brasstacks.

The Minimalist Movement

To explore the idea of the “no uppers” trend. We first should take a look at the lifestyle choice of minimalism. From the website called The Minimalist, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus sum up the minimalist lifestyle as this, “Minimalism is a lifestyle that helps people question what things add value to their lives. By clearing the clutter from life’s path, we can all make room for the most important aspects of life: health, relationships, passion, growth, and contribution.”

Translating this idea into kitchen design, many homeowners are opting to live with less, and the result is a smaller amount of things needed in the kitchen, thus eliminating the need for so much storage space. What storage that is needed is reconfigured into the lower cabinet space, freeing up the kitchen walls to accommodate a visually appealing tile pattern or to allow for more natural light by being able to add windows.

But is it Functional?

The key to a successful kitchen without upper cabinets should be to begin with the end in mind when first starting out a design. What is the one thing that happens when guests arrive at home for a celebration or a get together? Everyone ends up in the kitchen! So the concept of a well-designed kitchen should be an extension of living space.

With the idea that the kitchen is a living and entertaining space, having a room that feels like one rather than a sea of cabinets is important. When the focus is on creating a space that generates happiness for one’s soul, most people are not going to envision a space full of stuff, but a place full of faces of loved ones. So the answer is yes! A kitchen that has no upper cabinets can be functional for the person with the right mindset of what is necessary in a space and what someone can live without. With the right type of lower cabinet storage, anyone can have the space needed for a properly stocked kitchen.

Taking the Plunge

Minimalism is a lifestyle, and many find that an easy place to start clearing the clutter is in the kitchen. It can be especially challenging if you have kids or are the sentimental type. However, a functional kitchen can also be beautiful in form. If you are unsure about how to begin to design a minimal kitchen without upper cabinets, start with gathering inspiration online or reach out to a local designer to get some professional tips.

A kitchen with no upper cabinets also allows for your countertops to take center stage! For more information on granite and quartz countertops in Kansas City check out our website at RockTopsKC.com, or come into our showroom and get inspired. RockTops creates beautiful kitchen designs throughout Johnson County and the Kansas City metropolitan area. We are your premiere Kansas City resource for granite and quartz! Contact us at 913-782-0802 or email at info@rocktopskc.com


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