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Why Us

Because we promise to do what’s right, beautifully.

To be more specific

We sell, design and fabricate stone countertops.
No sub-contracting.

It’s all us.
We respect your schedule and plan accordingly.
We’re good guides: with you every step of the way.
We believe in clear, consistent communication so you’re always aware of your job’s progress.
Our giant on-site warehouse (the Slabratory) has a crazy variety of stone so you can pick exactly what you want.
Our stunning showroom is designed for inspiration and information – and, if you’re in the mood, maybe a libation.
We use the most technologically advanced fabrication equipment for a precise, custom fit for any design. Seriously, challenge us. It’s fun.
We LOVE this stuff. Making Kansas City homes and businesses beautiful is our passion.
We travel all over the world to bring you one-of-a-kind stone slabs, freshly-plucked out of the earth.
We’re locally owned and operated. We’re family. We’re friends. We’re fabricators. We’re fabulous.
We buy in bulk and store our products on-site for greater affordability.
Our partners are well-known and respected, so you know our products and materials are always the best available.

Our Values

Do the right thing.
Share your knowledge to help others achieve their goals.
Embrace change, make bold choices, pass it on.
Keep it light. Keep it easy. Keep ‘em coming back.
Prepare for what’s next; keep an eye on what comes after that.
Be cool, be kind, be thoughtful. Everybody is important, and everybody needs everybody else.
Be clear about what you say. Be clearer about what you hear.
Move forward, look around, stay fresh.

That’s why Rocktops.

We're a collection of fearless guides, skilled crafters and creative thinkers. We’re into cool things and cool people and making the spaces we touch look really cool. We go bold, we go forward, we rock the right way. We design, sell, fabricate and install stone. Let’s get together and do something cool. The first step to rock your home:
Schedule an appointment to visit our showroom.

Our Story

It started way back in…

Mike Hyer started Rocktops in 2013. As a general contractor that had used other countertop companies, he recognized their shortfalls in creating a good customer experience. The idea was to offer better material options, more efficient communication, turn-key installations, and ultimately an overall experience! We have grown to 75 employees and have installed stone in more than 15,000 jobs in homes, businesses, and one MLS soccer stadium and training facility. Mike credits the talented, dedicated, and thoughtful team for making Rocktops the new stone trendsetter in the KC area.

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