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Important Information

  • It is important to maintain communication with your sales representative and convey your expectations of your job.
  • An initial quote will be made based on the dimensions or drawings that you have provided. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and the cost may change depending on the final measurements, material selected, sinks, edging, or job site conditions.
  • Seams can be seen and felt. Please review seam locations with your salesperson or the Measure Technician. We will indicate the most likely placement of your seams when your countertops are measured. However, we reserve the right to change the location of the seams while we are fabricating the tops to match grain flow or avoid areas of the slab that are not suitable for the rigors of the manufacturing process or transportation.

For installation and templating:

  • Template and installation dates will be scheduled for an a.m. or a p.m. time window. Expect the template appointment to last 1 hour; install 1/2 day or more.
  • To prevent any misunderstandings or delays in your job, the customer should be present during template and approve color, edge, location of seams, corners, overhangs, and backsplash. Once we have your final approval, we will begin fabrication of your custom countertops.
  • If desired, final slab approval needs to happen exactly one week prior to installation.
  • RockTops will not move multiple slabs for reviewing since our stock material are sequential slabs cut from the same block.
  • For template, all cabinets must be permanently installed. For installation, all contents of base cabinets emptied, and all drawers need to be removed.
  • Please remove your existing countertops prior to installation unless Demo has been discussed with your sales representative and added to your quote.
  • As a safety precaution, please keep children and pets out of the template and installation area. The installation involves power tools and adhesives that can be harmful, especially to animals, until they “cure” or dry. Once dry, typically 1-2 hours after, the adhesives stop emitting fumes entirely. Some slight residual smell can linger for a few hours after the install but are not harmful. Please provide clear access to the area, both inside and outside.
  • Plumbers providing services arranged by from RockTops will arrive the same day or day after the countertop is installed.
  • Final payment, either a check or call in payment, is due the day of installation.