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Natural Stone Information

As is the case with any natural material, there will be variations in color and markings in each individual natural stone slab. These variations should not be considered defects, as these characteristics give the material its unique and dramatic beauty. We encourage you to take the opportunity to personally approve your natural stone at RockTops, as we will be producing your countertops. We can also provide samples as color swatches to assist with your selection of paint, stain, carpet and tile. Please note that these samples offer a general representation of the overall color and markings of each stone and are not meant as an exact replication of the final product.

With polished granite, marble, and quartzites any or all of the following natural characteristics may be present:

  • Areas, especially in marble, that have been filled with a matching color epoxy may compromise the integrity and strength of the materials.
  • Variations in veining, color, and movement may be present in any natural materials. Materials that are referred to as “swirl” granites exhibit more of these types of natural occurrences.
  • Fissures: small visible lines on the surface of the polished or honed slab which rarely indicate or affect the structural integrity of the product.
  • Beauty marks: natural mineral deposit concentrations that can be seen as intensified spots or lines of color, lack of color, or areas with compromised polishing ability.
  • Pitting: “pock marks” of varying size on the surface of a slab which are a result of the tightness of the grain and the material’s ability to accept a polished finish. Some stones are resin filled at the factory, therefore, making the “pock marks” less noticeable to look & touch. These “pock marks” in stones that are not resin filled may be more noticeable and do not in any way compromise the stones integrity or performance.

The presence of any of these characteristics adds to the uniqueness of your material, and in the majority of cases does not compromise the durability of your product. Due to the large volume of natural stone we purchase from our suppliers, RockTops reserves the right to refuse any natural stone that does not meet our high quality standards, including shipments containing heavy pitting or markings, faded coloration, or excessive cracking. We’re committed to using only the best-valued products for your countertops. Natural Stone is a commodity and current stock & availability is subject to change without notice. There may be unforeseen circumstances that hinder RockTops from being able to procure the material you may have seen samples of. All stone and pricing is based on current market value.

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